TV Ad Blocker

If you’ve always wanted to block out TV ads, then now you can! TV Ad Blocker is the solution you’ve been waiting for!

TV Ad Blocker allows you to decide whether you watch TV ads or not.

TV Ad Blocker allows viewers to choose what kind of entertainment they want during the ad breaks. The unit can be programmed to automatically surf up or down the TV channel list; to switch to an alternative TV channel or to your favourite radio channel. Or you can simply carry on watching the ads or place them on mute. In addition we have just added the following exciting new features. You can now change the volume and have control of external devices like a DVD, CD or DVR, switch to the VGA or HDMI input and use your PC, read emails or watch a slide show etc.. Whatever you choose the choice is now yours.

For too long, TV ads have been forced on viewers. Many hate them or want to avoid their children watching them. Now is your chance to take control and remove them from your TV!

All you need with our innovative device is a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet at the times you intend to use the TV Ad Blocker. Configuring TV Ad Blocker is also easier and quicker than setting up a notebook computer! To find out more about this amazing device, please click on the Product information tab above or on the link below.